Journal #133 – Concluded Psychological Evaluation

“Oh crap!”

That’s how I felt when I woke up this morning. It was 0928hrs and I have an appointment with my psychologist at 1030hrs.

So I went to with my morning routine and showered while my mom prepared a simple sandwich with slices of hard boiled egg and margarine. I rushed out of the house after packing my bag for work at around 1000hrs and ate my sandwich while making my way to the bus stop opposite my apartment block.

I made a mistake of not bothering to set my alarm clock to wake me up at around 0830hrs and left it at the original 0730hrs. So when the alarm did go off, and I intentionally left my phone on my desk, which is a walking distance from my bed, I walked over to switch off the alarm and went back to bed. I had thought I would wake up automatically at around 0830hrs, which would have given me enough time to prepare. Well, I’m not really a morning person unless I’m forced to or when I’m stressed out.

During the past two weeks, I dare say I made sufficient progress in evaluating what I want in my life, and what my goals and fears are. With that, I set a rule and shall constantly be reminding myself that whatever full-time job that I take on shall just be a means to an end. It is to secure necessary funds for me to do what I enjoy: writing.

After my session with the psychiatrist, I went for lunch at Ichiban Boshi at Jurong Point. Then I made my way to my client’s office. Instead of getting the usual Cold Brew, I went with Earl Grey. Why the change? Well, I tend to get acne outbreaks if I ate too much roasted, fried, or oily food. I know most scientific studies were not able to find a connection there but my body just behaves this way. Since coffee beans are mostly roasted, my face had a couple pimples.

At work today, I focus on bug fixing and enhancing one of the modules. Then at around 1640hrs, I went to get two curry puffs from Tip Top Curry Puff. Once I’m done with the puff, I went back to work. Did some testing of the bug fixes and enhancement before uploading the executable to the company’s FTP server.

I left the office at around 1830hrs, I left to a sea of crowd at Raffles Place station. There was a train signaling fault from Ang Mo Kio station to Marina South Pier station. That’s like practically half of the north-south train line. That meant that trains are moving extremely slowly between those stations.

However, I felt extremely pissed at SMRT for shutting down majority of the fare gates. I know that they are trying to control the amount of people waiting at the platforms for the north-south line but it inadvertently affect the people who are traveling on the east-west line. Making things worse is that some of the passengers have issues tapping their ez-link cards to go through the fare gates. One of the reasons why they have problem was that their cards were in their bags and they attempt to scan their card with their bag through approximation. That’s just plain fucking stupid. Is it so hard to take the card out and scan?

So by the time I went through the gate, I was already sweating heavily caused by the amount of heat generated by the large volume of people. If you are wondering why, I am highly sensitive to certain sounds, temperate, and crowds. So in a way, I’m suffering from over-stimulation. Over-stimulation raised my stress level, which led me to blame SMRT for their inability to manage the crowding situation.

Anyway, I reached home at around 1950hrs. Had a shower, and took some painkiller with muscle relaxant before eating dinner at around 2030hrs. The whole day I was feeling like crap. The left side of my body, especially the neck and shoulder area is extremely sore and painful. I had trouble turning or tiling my head to the right or down. I wasn’t sure why.

The painkiller didn’t help though and so I decided to paste on some medicated plaster to help ease the soreness. The medicated plaster did help but then the effect lasted only for a little bit. Now I need to deal with the pain.

After dinner, I went on to watch the last episode of Planet of the Apps and a couple of YouTube videos.

Special Mention

I also want to thank Mr. Yann Girard for letting me know about his book: 121 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer. I don’t get direct messages on Twitter unless it’s because I contacted the support team of a specific company for help or when they are my friends. So to me, it is a big deal and I really appreciate the personal touch. As for the book itself, I haven’t really start reading yet but I suppose it may help in my own writing.

One of his articles, From Employee to Entrepreneur in 10 steps, sounds just like a variation of what I am doing now. I admit that I’m fumbling about right now but I see it as necessary. The most important thing is the process of getting to the end goal and not the actual goal.

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Journal #128 – I flew my first drone

I decided to change the way I give titles to my entries. I found the previous style to be a little monotonous and boring. But if you prefer the previous style, let me know in the comments below and I will change it back.

Set my alarm clock to wake me up at 0645hrs because of the need for me to take the omeprazole half an hour before food. I felt like shit (got a headache and puffy eyes) waking up so early as my normal waking time is around 9 or 10 in the morning.

Had my breakfast, shower, and out of the house I went. Half way towards the train station, I realised I don’t have enough time and so I went to flag a cab. Went to the training center.

Upon arriving, signed my attendance and went into the classroom.

We went through theory first, which was a little dry but necessary. It covered the rules and regulation. After that, we went for a quick break and are issued with our own drone, the Syma X5HW-1.

This drone is a trainer drone and can take quite a fair bit of beating. We are advised to practice on this drone first until we are familiar before going on to the more expensive ones like dji Mavic Pro or Phantom 4.

Now, according to the trainer, this specific drone is one of the best ones out there for beginners undergoing training and it cost only about SG$120, maybe less or more, depending on where you get it.

Here are some videos that I took of the training.

I also bought a miniature drone at the training center with the intention to practice flying at home or indoor before bringing out the X5HW. After finishing a written test, we went home.

For those (Singapore Citizens only) who are interested in taking this course, please go to this site.

So upon reaching home, I unpacked my bag, put down the drone at home, showered, and joined my family for dinner at Jurong Point. We ate at Dian Xiao Er. After dinner,  we walked around the mall for a little bit.

While at the mall, I also decided to get a new pair of running shoes since I got flat feet. My current pair of running shoes just isn’t suitable for me. It’s pretty worn down and gross anyway.

After that, we took the bus home and I started sorting out the boxes for the drone, tested flying the miniature drone. Well, it ran out of battery, and so I put it on charge immediately. I also went to charge the battery that came with the X5HW.

That’s all for now, I shall go and catch up on tv shows.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Aug 6, 2017

This is my 122nd journal.

Woke up at around 1000hrs feeling extremely groggy and to the sound of my irritating neighbors doing some hammering work and blasting their music.

Lazed around in bed until about 1100hrs before I actually got up, brushed my teeth, and took an omeprazole pill with a full cup of water. Waited for half an hour before I ate my breakfast.

After that, I was just mingling around in the kitchen chatting with my family members and made a cup of Earl Grey tea.

I am not sure what to do for the rest of the day. Part of me don’t feel like playing any games too.

At around 1430hrs, I decided to go out with my mom and sisters. Had a shower, put on a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and sneakers before heading out.

Went to IMM first, and trailed behind my sisters and mom as they went looking at shoes. Had lunch at Ichiban Sushi and it was my treat. The bill totaled $113.

I ordered a hot green tea, Agedashi Tofu, and a plate of assorted Sushi.

If you are wondering or have yet to figure it out, yes, I love Japanese food and I find that they are more healthy than traditional Chinese cuisine, or western cuisine.

Then I went to get StarBucks while they went ahead to JCube. I joined them there and walked around some more looking for shoes. Then we went to play at the claw machine and I lent my sister 10 bucks to get a duck stuffed toy.

Then we walked about some more at Jem before we head home.

Well, my mom decided not to cook after reaching home and so we will be heading out again for dinner. Until then, I will focus on doing some writing.

There wasn’t enough time for me to do any proper writing since it takes time to even get the gears moving.

My family and I went to a nearby Tze Char store to have dinner. After the dinner, we went home to the weather starting to letting go of rain. It was a light drizzle but since it’s a short walk from home so it didn’t matter.

For the rest of the night, considering that I had quite a lot of caffeinated drinks today, I think I will do some light writing and watching YouTube video.

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – May 27, 2017

This is my 62nd journal.

Today is the official opening of the first Apple Store in Singapore.

I met up with my friend at Jurong East MRT station at around 11am. Boarded the train and we made our way to Orchard Road. Once there, we joined the queue and it took about maybe 15 or 20 minutes before we are inside. Upon going in, we were greeted by excited staff who gave us high-fives.

We were given door gifts. The first is a t-shirt. Below is the image of the box. I haven’t open it yet as of writing this journal.

Then there is also a sticker.

That sticker, I’m gonna stick it on my MacBook Pro.

Once in, you can see that the stores has the futuristic vibe to it. Ignoring the crowd, the wood material on white furnishing looks great.

On the first level is where people get to try out the various products and the second level is simply a gathering space for people.

Well, I didn’t take a lot of photos but below are the couple that I did take on the second floor.

Oh, I love the trees in the store. It make the place look great. I don’t think there are any stores in Singapore that actually use actual trees.

See the massive screen there? There are chairs in front of it for people to sit in when they participate in Today at Apple events.

While at the Apple store, I went to buy a black Nike strap for my Apple Watch.

Then my friend and I made our way to Sushi Bar where I had Kaisen Chirashi Don. Basically, it’s a big bowl of rice with a mixture of Tamago eggs, scallops, and three slices of different kind of sashimi — Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish and Yellowtail. I personally prefer swordfish because of the texture. Then there is the generous amount of Salmon Roe. Sorry, no photo for this one.

Then we took a bus to the Art Science Museum at MBS where we bought tickets to the Human+ exhibition. It is about how we humans augment ourselves through the use of prosthetics, talked about how we interact with nature, how robots may make us feel and interact with us, the rise of automation and genetic modification.

There are some pictures that I took and here they are (not in any particular order):

And here is Nadine, a robot that knows how to interact with a human in a socially capable manner. It was developed by Nanyang Technological University.

After the visit to the museum, I bought a t-shirt and a notebook. Then we made our way to a Häagen-Dazs store located at the Esplanade where we had ice cream. I created my own ice cream dish — two scoops (Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate and Banana), one waffle, and powdered Oreo topping.

With that, we made our way home. Then after resting for a bit, I went for a run. For dinner I had Subway.

Here I conclude my journal for today.