Journal #225 – Consuming too much

Alright, I admit it.

I have been consuming far too much these few days. I ran out of inspiration to write anything proper. My short story remains stuck.

At work today, I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to get ClickOnce to work and figuring out why it didn’t work. The application refused to start. It finally worked partially after I figured it out. You know, the task is actually rather simple and shouldn’t take the whole day but I got bored. I do get bored every easily when I have to deal with configuration-related stuff.

I know when you are a software engineer you do need to configure stuff: Configure your IDE, configure your machine. And when you are not configuring? You are installing stuff.

But I hate configurations. I hate installation. I prefer text. I prefer code.

So what do I do when I’m bored? I consume. I spent a lot of my time on Facebook, Twitter and Medium just consuming article, one after another.

After that?

The other day I mentioned I bought tickets to Justice League. The movie was today. So I met up with my friend after work for dinner and then watch the movie. It was a two hour plus movie. I didn’t feel particularly excited about the movie. Nor do I feel particularly bored by the movie. It’s just is.

Maybe I’m jaded somewhat.

Maybe I’m depressed.

It doesn’t matter.


Tomorrow I got some personal stuff to take care of. And I hope I could use the chance to rest up some more and get some inspiration for my short story.

Honestly, I’m just disappointed with myself…


Journal #213 – Chill weekend, hanging out with friends

Somehow despite being a weekend, I found myself awake at around 8am.

So instead of continuing to lay in bed, I got up, have a quick breakfast consisting of oatmeal, a cake roll and then some coffee made from Starbucks’ instant coffee.

After that, I went ahead to play Everspace until my second breakfast at 10.30am and I went back to play the game until 12pm before I meet my friend for a meal at The Sushi Bar.

I ordered the small Kaisen Chirashi Don instead of the regular-sized one because I knew I wasn’t that hungry but had to eat something.

We also ordered the Aburi Salmon rolls.

After the meal, we went to the Apple Store. I was hoping to get the book, Designed by Apple in California. Turns out they don’t have the book in store, and I will need to order online and get it delivered to me. I also get to see the physical iPhone X but I don’t feel particularly excited over it. To me, it’s just another phone.

You may be wondering why I want to get that book. My intention is to study and appreciate the design of Apple products over the years. I personally don’t have firsthand experience with Apple products released before 2015 and don’t see the point of getting them physically. I don’t want to be a hoarder of Apple products. That’s so not minimalistic.

After that we made our way to Suntec City where there is a Consumer Electronic Fair. We just walk around the fair, looking at products without actually buying anything.

After that, we went to have dinner at Pasarbella. I ordered the Good Catch burger with truffle fries and a yam-based smoothie.

The burger itself was decent but the fries, were soggy. I supposed it’s because they left it exposed to air after deep frying for a while before serving.

The smoothie on the other hand was actually not bad.

After the dinner, we went home, making our way to the train station.

Then this caught my eye.

At first, this advertisement about Panadol to me reminded me about my constant need for painkillers earlier this year because my work is stressing me out and I couldn’t wind down. I felt like this advertisement espouses the idea that people should work so hard until they are encouraged to take painkillers.

But I hope that’s not the message people take away. Don’t rely on drugs to help you go through your work day. It’s not worth it.

Anyway, half way through on the train journey, we decided to watch Jigsaw. We stopped at Jurong East and watched the movie.

I think the movie was quite alright and it has been a long time since I last watched a movie featuring jigsaw. I think the last movie I watched was Saw 3.

After the movie, I thought about going for a run because I didn’t do any over the week but the heavy rain caused me to re-think it. I will do it tomorrow either in the morning or mid-afternoon. I do have a wedding dinner to attend in the evening and I will use that chance to catch up with some ex-colleagues there.

Journal #196 – Chilling on Diwali with some work and movie

Today is Diwali, is a festival celebrated by Hindus, Skikhs, Jains and Newar Buddhists, and also a public holiday in Singapore.

I woke up quite early today, specifically set my alarm clock to go off at 7.30 am, because I was meeting my friend at Jurong Point for a movie called Chasing the Dragon, starring Andy Lau and Donnie Yen. I reached the mall at around 9.35am to have my breakfast of Subway there and then proceed to buy the tickets for the 10.45am show at around 10.10am.

Then I just waited for my friend to arrive. We waited for the next half an hour before entering the theater hall. Once in there, we spent the next 2 hours in it.

After that, we went to the Legendary Hong Kong restaurant in the mall to have our lunch.

My friend ordered the egg tarts and custard buns. He ate all the buns and two of the egg tarts while I took the last piece.

I also ordered the steamed shrimp dumplings. Today’s dumplings were poorly prepared as the skin of the dumpling was like sticking to the surfaces.

For my main meal, I ordered egg fried rice with diced luncheon meat. For those unfamiliar, it’s also known as Spam meat.

After that, I paid for the meal first before my friend paid me his share of the meal and for the movie. Then we went our separate way.

I chose to walk home from the mall, and enjoy the blazing afternoon sun. I deliberately chose to walk slowly home, listening to Doom (2016) soundtrack by Mick Gordon on Spotify.

On the way home, I stopped by Watsons near my apartment block, and bought some toiletries and fish oil supplements. While I was in the store, the salesperson/cashier kept asking me to sign up for their membership, buy some of the items on sales, etc. I rolled my eyes in my mind and kept saying, “No thank you.”

Come on, I’m a minimalist, I only buy what I need to buy and that’s it.

After that, I went home, settled down, switched on my MacBook, rented Transformers: The Last Knight on iTunes and spent the next two hours plus watching it.

I won’t say the movie is that particularly good or bad. It’s just a movie that I don’t think spending $10 to watch it in the cinemas is a good option. I rented the movie for half the price at $5.

After that, I did some light programming work for my client, fixing several, really tiny bugs. Sent an email to my client to clarify some stuff and that was it.

Throughout the night, I just went about doing minor stuff. I went to collect my washed clothes and put them in my wardrobe, prepared my science news round up, browse the web, updated my iPad Pro to iOS 11.0.3, had dinner, and writing this journal.

I also had to deal with the ding made by my neighbor kids downstairs with all the popping stuff. Well, they are Hindu and today is Diwali. All expected but doesn’t mean I like the noise.

I think I probably will just spend the rest of the day consuming more content because today it’s simply a lazy day.

And I’m content.

Journal #193 – Chill Sunday with movie

After resting for most of Saturday and taking my medication, I felt better today. With that, I decided to spend some time to watch Netflix in the morning and asked my friend if he wanted to watch Blade Runner 2049.

He agreed and so we picked the 2.50pm show. I booked the tickets online, watched more Netflix, and meet my friend for lunch at 1.30pm.

For lunch, we ate at the Legendary Hong Kong restaurant but for me, even though I felt better, it doesn’t mean I have that big of an appetite to eat.

I ordered BBQ Pork with Roasted Pork rice but I couldn’t finish it. Half way through, I was feeling very bloated and I stopped eating. I didn’t want to push myself further until the point where I need to vomit.

After lunch, we went window shopping around the mall before entering the cinema.

The movie lasted more than 2 hours and my butt actually hurts from sitting for so long. Had to adjust myself from time to time towards the end.

I actually enjoy the slower pace of story telling with Blade Runner 2049. It allowed me to focus on enjoying the dystopian atmosphere, the character development, especially that of Ryan Gosling’s character. There were some action scenes which were decent, not too flashy like Star Trek, Star Wars, and the likes. But I think the main draw of the show was how it developed the story slowly and doesn’t feel rushed like most science fiction shows these days. The neo-noir added a certain flair or tension to the show. I also found myself asking certain questions like how humans are able to breathe if the ecosystems of Earth has been totally destroyed. How is oxygen produced? And if humans in the Blade Runner universe able to spread themselves across 9 planets, why are they recycling the massive waste that is outside the main city, which is Los Angeles. Overall, definitely a 5 out of 5 for me.

After the movie, my friend and I made our way home.

For me, I had some water as I was extremely thirsty before going for a quick jog of 3.8 km around my neighborhood. I didn’t do a 5 km as I didn’t want to overexert myself.

Journal #178 – Outing with Friends

Early this morning, I went out to meet my friends for a buffet lunch at a restaurant called 10 at Claymore, Pan Pacific Hotel. The purpose of this outing was to catch up, have some fun, and also in a way, celebrate my friend and my birthday. Our birthdays are just one day apart in October.

I would say it was a mixed cuisine buffet with Japanese, Western, and some Singapore dishes. From where I am sitting, I would say, I don’t think it’s very popular but then the ambience is pretty alright.

This is what is on my desk.

The restaurant attempts to be a fine-dining location but I don’t think the utensils are correct. I would say it’s nice that we get a cup of ice water first.

As for the food, there is some varieties and I went for the sashimi first.

I know, it doesn’t look very appetizing. The condiments, fake wasabi and soy sauce, I just took very little. It’s all about the intentionality and conservation. If I don’t need it, why should I take more?

The fish slices themselves are decent in terms of quality. They do have the firmness, not too soggy-like or have any fishy smell. But I have tasted better.

Then when it comes to the entree (not even sure if I should call it that), I also took very little. Very intentional with what I want to eat.

A couple of lamb slices, lamb satay, some grilled potato wedges, and half of a duck drumstick. With the exception of the potato wedges,

I did went for a second serving (no photo) consisting of three lamb slices, a few mouthful of fried kway tiao, two dim-sum shrimp dumplings, and two shumai, two slices of extremely salty smoked salmon and two slices of pork pepperoni.

I skip all the carbohydrates in this section. I don’t think it’s such a good idea to be eating so much carbohydrates at a buffet.

Then I went for a bowl of laksa.

The laksa was decent, not terrible or good. Just average.

After that, I took six slices of salmon belly sashimi, and two slices of watermelon and papaya respectively. I spent most of my time chatting with my friends, sharing my thoughts.

Guess what’s the final price?

Each of us pay $56.

I know what you are thinking if you read through all that. It’s a buffet and why the hell am I taking so little? And it’s so expensive!

Each of us adopted a stance with regards to buffets.

One said: I eat all I can
Another said: I eat all I want
Me: I eat all I need

I know what will happen to me if I take a lot and eat a lot. I will feel sick and I will waste food. I don’t want that and I see that happening so often in Singapore. It happened to my first friend. He felt bloated with some discomfort.

People waste food and they take just because they can. In Singapore, we are one of the few nations with the most waste food. This just show Singaporeans in general are pampered, wasteful, and lack gratitude.

After that, my friends and I went to the Apple Store at Orchard Road to shop around. While I’m there, I wanted to buy the AirPods so badly but I walked out of the store empty-handed. Why? Because I knew I don’t need it. I want it just so that I can complete my Apple collection. I also know that completing the collection doesn’t add value to my life. I don’t get any more joy from it then what I already have as I’m grateful for them.

After that, we went to Orchard Central to just walk around and help us with burning some calories before we went to watch the movie, Ninjago.

When the movie started, my friends and I were kind of surprised to see Jackie Chan and we wondered if we entered the right theater. I know Jackie Chan had another movie call The Foreigner and they were both released in Singapore around the same time. We double checked and yes, we are in the right theater. Jackie Chan was simply the narrator.

The movie itself was not that good. I give it maybe a 2.8/5 stars. The first lego movie was good because it was fresh and I don’t have any expectation of it. But as more lego movies are made, the quality dropped. It is just like how companies milk their franchises for more money and the quality just isn’t there anymore. Some examples are companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision milked their respective franchises dry. This is why I decided to stop buying their games all together.

After the movie, we made our way home, dropping by Jurong Point for dinner first. We had ramen but my friends aren’t exactly hungry. For me, I am hungry. Part of it was due to my gastritis.

Now you see? The choices you make even when it comes to food affect the rest of your day.

I also keep nagging at my friends to use payment apps and stop handling cash. Finally one of them installed DBS Paylah, an app developed by DBS Bank for the purpose of it being an e-wallet and uses QR Codes to send or receive payment. It stop the hassle of handling cash. So if you want to go out with me, please go cashless. I don’t handle or process cash unless absolutely necessary.

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.