Daily Journal – Aug 11, 2017

This is my 127th journal.

Despite me sleeping at around 0200hrs, I set the alarm clock to wake me up at 0730 hrs this morning. I intended to go to my client’s office to do some more work.

I spent one quarter of my time in the client’s office doing research into domain-driven design and the rest doing code refactoring and implementation.

My activity for today aside, I noticed that I no longer have the desire to spent the next few years of my life doing software development. I don’t even feel like doing any software work now except for the sake of money. Concurrently, I’m putting my plans into action and moving myself into the creative line of work.

Anyway, I left the client’s office at around 1710hrs and went to Uniqlo @ Jurong Point. Decided to get two plain-colored T-shirts and a black sweat pants.

These are part of my minimalistic lifestyle and serve as my uniform.

I got home at around 1830hrs, showered, and waited for dinner. In the meantime, I was looking for courses on Creative Writing, and career opportunities that are not related to software development. Yes, I want to try something else now and seeing it as a career change.

After dinner, I watched season 3, episode 7 of Zoo (TV Series).

I will probably go to bed early today as I need to wake up early tomorrow for a drone piloting course that starts at 9am sharp and ends at 6pm. I will do my best to prepare the journal for tomorrow with photos and videos.

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 30, 2017

This is my 115th journal.

Woke up at around 1030hrs as usual and went about my morning routine.

I actually spent most of today playing Cities: Skylines until the point where I don’t feel like playing it anymore. LOL. Bored or burnt out from playing the game? Anyway, I was having problems with the traffic and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

Also went for a 5km run to counteract my lack of activity today. My legs are still hurting. Time to get a new pair of running shoes. After the run, I went to get a waffle with red bean paste.

Spent the night watching Dark Matter season 3 and Killjoy season 2 and then switch to watching some YouTube video.

Tomorrow I shall go to my client’s office to do some work.

Before I end the journal, you guys probably know that I’m on the path to minimalism and here is a video of an interview with Joshua Fields Millburn that I think would be good for those who like to join me on this minimalist journey.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 27, 2017

This is my 112th journal.

Woke up at 1030hrs as usual.

After my morning routine, I set down to start clearing out some old letters and documents related to old subscriptions and enrollment to NTU that were in my drawer. I also went to do some filling up of the credit card statements that I got for the last three years. This is part of a series of micro-steps towards minimalism.

Then I paid some bills online.

Had my lunch at around 1340hrs and watched the last episode of Daredevil Season 2 and second episode of Shooter season 2. Before I knew it, it was already 1500hrs.

At 1652hrs, I decided to go for a 10.30 km run.

Went for a 10.30 km run/jog/walk at around 1733hrs and finished it at around 1855hrs. Along the way, my legs hurt like hell and I was completely breathless and thirsty as fuck. I had to stop halfway to get a bottle of water and drank it. In some way, it’s a bad call cause I over drank and the bottle was too heavy. Anyway, my body didn’t feel right. I guess it’s because my body hasn’t recover from the 5 km maintenance run that I did on Tuesday. So for the last 1 km, I walked all the way.

Now, my ankles and knees are hurting like mad. I only have myself to blame for wearing the pair of shoes that wasn’t meant for my flat-feet.

In the meantime, over the past few days, I have been checking my bank account in an obsessive-compulsive manner. That’s my neuroticism rearing its ugly head. As you know, I quitted my job and served out the notice period. However, I have concerns that the company may not pay me on time. Or worse, don’t pay me.

Salary non-payment is an offense under the employment act. That aside, I do have at least three months worth of savings and that I will be doing some light part-time work next month. However, my other plans still hinges on that salary. There’s just two more working days left in this month, so I guess we shall see.

Anyway, I recently decided to embark on the hobby of flying drones. I signed up for a drone piloting course provided by SkillsHQ and I intend to get my own drone. However, I went and checked the CAAS website for restricted areas and this is what I got.


There just isn’t a lot of places where you can fly a drone without a permit for recreational purpose. So I guess I will need to go overseas and fly the drone if I get one. I think maybe Taiwan or Australia is a good place to do that.

Later at night, had my dinner at around 2020hrs. After that, I watched Planet of the Apps episode 7 on Apple Music from my MacBook. I know there were lots of criticism of the show and that to some it is a disgrace to other reality show. But then, I’m watching it for fun with no specific expectation or criticism.

I also got an email from my client in the evening about some bugs that were found with the application that I built for them. So I will be fixing them tomorrow…maybe later tonight. I will also be paying a visit to their office tomorrow morning.

So I decided to fix the bugs raised by my client. I’m officially done at 2255 hrs, committed and push the codes to my Bitbucket account. I will release the executable (it’s a desktop-based thick client built using Java Swing) tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jun 18, 2017

This is my 80th journal.

Earlier this year (or was it late last year, I can’t remember), I once told my friends that I want to try to live as a minimalist. First off, the goal was to buy clothes for Chinese New Year that consist of only a few colors. I thought about buying multiple pieces of clothes of the same color but it was too much for me back then.

Subsequently, in the intervening months, I added more things to my life again. More gadgets. More games. More clothes. Now my room looks like that of a hoarder. Then yesterday, watching a few more videos than I should on minimalist lifestyle, it triggered something in me that reminded me again how I have actually felt about my life in the recent months. A complete mess with too much distractions.

I restarted the path to being a minimalist by getting the Smart Wallet where I carry only the necessary cards and bare minimum cash. So far, it’s good.

Then yesterday, I decided to cut down on the clutter in my room. For a start, I’m throwing out or removing majority of my old PC video games that I no longer play or have the time to. Playstation 2 games and GameCube too. I did all that in the morning. Next up would be to get rid of my Playstation 3, Xbox 360 consoles and their games. All I need is just one Playstation 4 and a couple of games.

In terms of PC gaming, I am already thinking of shrinking the physical size for compactness. A M-ATX setup with GTX 1080, wireless keyboard and mouse should be good enough for me.

Going forward, there are additional steps that I will be taking to embrace minimalism.

1. My existing wardrobe will be dismantled and the wall will be taken up by wall-mounted television which will serve also as the screen for my desktop, with shelvings at the bottom to hold my PC, the game console, and Apple TV.

2. The current area where I got two desks will be reduced to just one very simple and small desk that is big enough for my current 27 inch Dell monitor, a, WIFI router, my MacBook Pro (going 15 inch soon), and enough area for mouse and keyboard. The desk will be rotated such that I will be in a command position with the window to my right when I sit down.

3. In terms of casual outfit, I have gotten more in plain colors. Sweat pants are now part of my outfit. I will be getting rid my existing flannels and other cartoonish clothes. For the slightly more formal (Smart Casual and Business) outfit, I will be getting them too in simple and plain colors.

4. For documents, receipts and whatnots shall be digitized whenever possible. They will be backed up in multiple areas including on-premise. Meaning, I will be getting a much larger NAS with more storage space.

5. Clearing out unnecessary boxes from the electronics and gadgets that I bought or find a use for them in some other ways.

So do keep checking back and see my progress in adopting minimalism.

Here I conclude my journal for today.