Journal #135 – A visit to Singapore Night Festival

Updated (20 Aug 2017 1033hrs): Included additional thoughts Annabelle Creation, and removed intent of adding video.

I woke up at around 0730hrs with the intent to go for a 10km run. So I did went for it at around 0830hrs. However, half way through the run, I felt weird and whenever I stopped at traffic lights, my vision almost went white and I felt slightly giddy.

I suspected that my blood sugar has fallen to a certain level and that my body is telling me to stop. And so I did. I walked home and climbed the stairs, activities which are less strenuous than running.

After I came back, I had vegetarian fried noodles with white cabbage, braised beancurd sheets, and fried beancurd. While eating, I binge watched The Defenders, followed by the TV series, Dark Matter, Killjoys, and Zoo.

By then it was almost time for me to leave the house to meet with a friend. We went to Liang Court to have dinner. We ate at a Japanese restaurant and I ordered a 11-type sashimi chirashi, tofu, and green tea.

After that, we went to the Singapore Night Festival where we enjoy light shows and visit the museum which showcases stuff from Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s house, Singapore history.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there.

After that, we decided to watch Annabelle Creation at The Cathay.

The movie Annabelle Creation is one of the better horror movies that I watched in years. While watching it, never had I felt so dreadful. I have watched countless horror shows, played survival horror games, and Annabelle Creation is one of those that make me want to curl up and stop watching. In terms of story, I thought it did a pretty good job too. 4/5 for the movie.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jun 10, 2017

This is my 74th journal.

Today is the day where my family went out for a dinner to celebrate Father’s Day.

We ate at Beng Hiang Restaurant in Jurong East.

The first dish that came was what is known as Ngoh Hiang. As I got some minor issues with my throat from eating too much fried food and chocolate, I only ate one piece.

The next dish was Sea Cucumber with Duck. I ate a few pieces of the sea cucumber and a big slice of duck meat.

Next dish was Mayonnaise Prawns. I ate one too. So far the dishes, I find them to be neutral. I couldn’t really taste if they are any good. My depression somehow is suppressing my appetite. In addition, I had my lunch at around 4pm, so I guess I wasn’t feeling hungry.

The next dish was fried rice with prawns and Chicken chunks. Well, generally I love fried rice and this was decent actually. But I only had one bowl

Then came Black Hokkien Fried Noodle. The moment the dish came I could smell something was wrong with it. It smelled like urine. Then when I ate it, it taste burnt. It’s as though the cook used too much heat. So, it wasn’t good in my opinion. Actually, I would say it’s one of the worse of all the dishes.

Next is Stir-fried prawns with Chives. Well, I don’t really like to eat vegetables. So I only ate the prawns. It was decent.

The last dish was one of my favorite, Kong Ba Pau (Braised Pork Bun). But then I don’t feel particularly hungry and so I only ate one but it was decent also.

After the dinner, my family and I went out for a quick walk around JCube and went home at around 2230.

Here I conclude my journal for today.