Journal #223 – Temporary lull at work, dealing with some emotion destabilization

The progress at work so far has been good.

Early in the morning, I went for a course about Economic Value Added (EVA) conducted by the company’s Operations Director that last for an hour. After that, we went back to office and got down to work.

At around 11am, I went about finishing one more e-learning module for new employee. And at 12pm, I left for lunch.

Today I decided to have my lunch at Green Dot. After I got there, standing by the entrance waiting, the staff approached me and told me my table number was 1.

So I went in and ordered my food. After making payment and collecting my food, I made my way to the table only to find one old lady sitting there. I actually got a little irritated. Earlier before entering the cafe, I actually took note of her and her husband because they went in without waiting to be served by the waiter. Heh, if I choose to apply my environmental observation skills, I’m pretty aware of who is doing what. At first, I assumed they were intending to pack their food to go. And so when I see her sitting at my assigned desk, several thoughts went by but I kept quiet. Instead, I sat at the table beside it, table 2. Luckily, the cafe was pretty empty and so I could just take any empty seat. If it wasn’t that empty and I find myself without seat despite being assigned one by the staff, I probably would make a big fuss about it.

Anyway, it’s a common thing in Singapore. I’m not sure about other country. The older generation tends to have this “I have the right of way all the time” mindset. Anyway, I suspect also it’s due to the commonness of hawker centers and food courts in Singapore. The food served there are cheap and that these places operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. So these people will assume they could just walk into certain kind of cafe or restaurants without waiting to be served or at least “managed” by the staff. And if you do make a big fuss out of it, they will say you are being disrespectful, or something along the line, “there’s so many empty seats.”

For me, it’s not about empty seats or alternatives. It’s about the principle of allowing people who have patiently waited for their turn to be given the equal chance at consuming something. In case you are wondering, it’s actually related to my stability value. When something or someone decide to go against a certain norm, it upsets the stability of the system.

Just imagine.

What if the cafe is almost packed? The people who want to dine in are actually allowed in and are already assigned seats. They felt safe to go about buying their food and not worry about their seats. Then when they return, their seats is taken by someone who wasn’t assigned one and there are no more seats available. So what’s the person going to do? Eat while standing? Hold on to their food while waiting to be assigned another empty table?

If that happen to you, how would you feel? Your emotional state will be unstabilized. I know mine will definitely be in that state.

This is something actually covered under Game Theory. If I’m not wrong, it goes something along the line of, “as long as you don’t deprive another person of any chance of acquiring something that they want, you can cheat the system.”

Anyway, since I did get what I want at the end, I decided to let it go and focus on eating my lunch.

After lunch, I went to buy tickets for this Thursday for the movie Justice League. Once I’m done, I went to get some snack for the afternoon and went back to office.

So once back to office, I went about finishing my primary task of testing out the modules that I developed with formalized test cases. The test cases are all successful. I also went and finish another module in the e-learning course.

Other than that, I also spent the time on researching about changing my name legally in Singapore. I also went about to submit a deed poll request through the lawyer and scheduled an appointment by the end of the week to sign the document. I also went ahead to apply for a paid day off via my company staff portal. It’s now pending approval by the manager.

Well, the purpose for that day off is for me to sign the deed poll and pay a visit to the Immigration and Checkpoint Agency to change my identification documents. I do hope everything could be done in a relatively smooth and fast way so that I can take advantage of a slightly longer weekend.

Other than that, I was actually pretty chill throughout most of the day while my colleagues are working away trying to finish fixing up bugs in their respective modules and other infrastructure-related stuff.

One last thing, I also published my first article on Medium. It is part of my intention to expose myself further on more platforms. Only through exposing myself everywhere, I can being one step closer of being a full-time writer.


Journal #222 – Start of software testing week, slightly productive

Today mark the start of internal testing week for the application that my team have been working on for the past five months and a half. For me, I only have been working on it for the past two months and a half.

Although I mentioned it being a testing week, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t test the application as we build it. The initial testings that we do as we develop were more about ensuring whatever function or capability we build is working as intended but wasn’t that formal. Now, this testing period is more formal where we actually have a proper document to note down the test cases and the result of those tests. Subsequently, we will transfer that to a proper document for the company’s quality assurance department to keep. The current intention is to identify further bugs with the implemented features before we proceed to UAT that is coming pretty soon.

We also had a brief meeting where we agree to stop implementing new features and the code base is now locked down. The only changes to the code are for bug fixes.

So within a short span of time, I created 29 test cases for the module that I was working and tested all of them. All green checks for now. I will continue them tomorrow.

Other than the testing, I also went about to clear two e-quizzes for an e-learning module that all new employees must take. So three down, four more to go. Heh.

The other thing that I did was to prepare the timesheet, filling in the hours that I spend on projects. Well, since I’m hired to do one project only, my timesheet only got that project. Once I’m done, I submitted it.

I spent the remaining hours chatting with my colleagues and at 6pm, I left office. After leaving, I made my way to Guardian to get a bottle of probiotic. After that, I made my way home, had a shower, watched Star Trek Discovery, and have dinner. I spent the remaining time just watching other shows and simply chilling.

Ok, that’s all for today.

Journal #221 – Some decluttering, reading, and gaming

After I woke up today, I decided not to use the computer and instead focus on reading books. I spent most of my morning after breakfast reading the Jony Ive biography and managed to finish the whole book by earlier afternoon.

After I was done with reading, I went ahead to do some decluttering stuff by going through the big boxes that I have for storing other electronic boxes. I used this opportunity to go through old electronic accessories or gadgets like modems that I no longer use, old cables, old computer power supply units, etc. I also used the chance to go through old manuals, receipts that I have for these electronics. I separate them out and discard them in the recycling bin near my house. Through this process, I was able to free up some space within these big boxes and I stuffed the other smaller boxes that I had that were sitting on the outside. These smaller boxes belong to the Network Attached Storage and a drone that I got from my drone piloting course. I kept them for warranty purpose. Servicing centers tend to want the full package when you send your devices in.

Hmm… on second thought, the drone box could probably be discarded…another time.

After going through this process, it made me feel better because these are actions that fulfill the desires of my inner soul, which need the peace and cleanliness associated with having less (junk).

After that, I decided to buy The Frozen Wilds DLC for the PS4 game, Horizon Zero Dawn. But for me to do that, I need to reset my Playstation Network password. So I did that, added my PayPal account to my PSN account and buy the DLC.

That game was one of my favorite ones on the console due to its insanely good storyline. I have deep respect for the storywriter of this game.

So when I started out writing this journal, the DLC of about 7.7GB was downloading. Of course in the middle of writing, I went to get some snacks, etc. Reaching this point of writing, now that I turned around to look at my television, the download has finished. I finally can start playing.


You know, it felt kind of good to actually finish the main story of Everspace and then moving on to another game. This kind of closure is important because it allows you to move on. It’s part of the decluttering process too. Think about it. Finishing a game is like finishing a task from your todo list. When you finish the task, you remove it from the list, just like how you remove a physical item from your space. If you didn’t finish that game and proceed to get another and then repeat that a few times, you will find yourself overwhelm by “stuff”. I have a friend who did that. So now he actually have nearly twenty days that he didn’t get around to play because he is now paralyzed by choice. On another hand, it’s a waste of money. You buy something but never actually consume it. Overall, it’s kind of stressful for him too. So you see, it is not so different from having a big pile of clothes, or boxes, or whatever.

I’m pretty sure most minimalists can agree. Digital clutter is not different from physical clutter. It creates mental stress, especially if you are someone like me who spent a vast majority of his time in front of a screen.

So yeah, minimalism can also be applied to video games.

The last couple of hours, I played The Frozen Wilds DLC on my Playstation 4. So far, I am loving the new story and the new weapons. The new enemies are pretty challenging too. The aesthetic of the game has always been great. With this DLC, they expand further on the snow environment. I suppose it’s $26.90 well-spent. Now I really hope Guerrilla Games spent as much effort, or maybe even more, to create the next sequel or DLC. I like to see expansion of the story. To me, I don’t mind paying if the end product adds tremendous value in terms of storyline, aesthetic and gameplay. Quality is something I care a lot about.

One last thing before I move on to catching up on other TV shows that I have missed. My family joined me on a vegetarian diet too. We had mock meat with beans, stir fried vegetables, and seaweed soup. My younger sister however is not particularly happy with our recent diets. But I can’t blame her really. All of us have different taste when it comes to food and that she always preferred a diverse choice so that she can pick and choose. I personally have to agree that a pure vegetarian diet is at times boring. Mock meat can never replace the taste of actual meat. The nuances in terms of texture, taste, smell, etc. However, for me, ecological conservation is more important. So I guess we will have to wait for the day when lab-grown meat is a reality and only then I can switch to a mixed diet.

Journal #220 – Singles’ Day, Just another chilling day

Today is actually marked as Singles’ Day. It’s a festival that originate from China celebrating single hood. It is also a day where irresponsible consumerism rules because things will be on massive sales and people buy these things en-mass. Just like Black Friday or any other day where companies make compulsory consumption a thing.

To me, it doesn’t really affect me. It’s just another Saturday. I woke up much later today, at around 9.45am. After brushing my teeth, I went out with my parents to have breakfast. After we came back home, we made our respective coffees and I proceed to start up my desktop to play Everspace.

I played for quite a while consistently and for the first time while I was playing through Sector 5 to 6, I didn’t die. I had been very very careful with my resources and the battles I got into. My longer than usual sleep and the coffee definitely helped with my reaction time and calmness.

Then I finally reached Sector 7. There was a moment when I felt excited. It was the last sector of the game and also the end.

After several nerve-wrecking situations in sector 7, I managed to finish the game by early afternoon.

I took 35 tries just to reach this stage. Talk about patience and drudgery.

After that, the game was about collecting 8 DNA pieces. I played for the next couple of hours but by then, I got pretty tired.

I had my late lunch and was waiting for the rain to stop. These past few days, the weather in Singapore had been rather wet. The rain can get pretty heavy.

Once the weather cleared up for a bit, I went for a 5km run. That actually wore me out but it was good.

I went for a shower and decided to just lie down and read the Jony Ive biography until my family members are ready to go out for dinner.

We went to Crystal Jade and ordered a whole bunch of dishes, including meat. I didn’t eat the meat but it doesn’t mean my family don’t.

First dish, steamed buns and Po Lo Pork.

Second dish, Xiao Long Bao.

Third and fourth dishes, stir-fried french beans with minced meat and sautéed vegetable with three kinds of eggs (scrambled, salted, century).

I want to note that the fourth dish was the worse due to the strong ammonia from the century egg. At first, we thought the food was spoilt until we narrowed down the ammonia. So, next time we will not order this dish.

Fifth dish, sweet and sour fish.

Sixth dish, stir-fried prawns. And these prawns are frozen. Very obvious from their sheen.

So you see, even Crystal Jade’s standard isn’t even there. They can’t even use fresh prawns.

Seventh dish, was a vegetarian one. It’s the fried beancurd skin with mushroom strips.

Overall, the dinner was filling but in terms of quality, it’s just isn’t there. I expected better. Anyway, it was my treat.

After the dinner, my family went to the NTUC supermarket to get stuff for a vegetarian soup that my mom wants to prepare tomorrow.

By the time we got home, it was already 10.15pm. That’s when I got down to business and start writing this journal. I shall spend the rest of the night watching some show and turn in.

Journal #219 – Feeling better today

I tried to sleep earlier last night and I woke up feeling slightly better. I went to work following my usual routine and I made a choice to get a venti-sized Americano.

In hindsight, that coffee definitely helped to make me feel better. I suppose it was because of my body’s dependency on it and I was suffering somehow from insufficient amounts. I’m just not sure if that’s a good thing at all.

With me feeling better, I was able to be slightly more productive. So with that, I focus on testing some of the important stuff like NTLM/Kerberos authentication again for computers not joined to the domain. Managed to confirm that NTLM authentication works. Well you see, yesterday we had an issue where our application couldn’t be logged on from a computer not joined to the domain.

I also went about fixing some bugs that I found. And I also encountered an issue where the application couldn’t be started after being compiled. Turns out there was an issue with the asynchronous operations. Certain data were not loaded from the server.

My colleague and I had a discussion about that because some of the asynchronous operation was done by her. We went back and forth until we found a decent solution.

Then our conversation somehow became about multi-tasking. I simply told her that I’m not someone who does multi-tasking anymore because it prevents me from delivering quality work. It also overwhelms me rather easily and I hated that feeling. In a way, it also cause me to suffer from insomnia. I know I could train myself to handle it better but at the end of it, it is still a trade off. Since I value quality more than productivity, I rather be hyper-focus in what I was doing instead of switching context. It’s up to my colleagues to be understanding about that and let me do my work while they do theirs.

Later in the afternoon, my colleagues and I went and discuss about the testing process and the internal testing document that we will use. Our manager actually did called up our team leader and talk about the importance of the testing and the document to prove that we did test. We spent some time to prepare the document template and when it is ready, we packed up and went home.

Well, it’s Friday. No need to stay any longer than we have to. My colleagues’ priorities are their family. Mine is my mental health and my writing.

For me, once I reached home I went for a shower and got down to watch some tv shows like Supernatural, Seal Team and Arrow. Now that I’m done with all the shows for tonight, I suppose I shall do something else.

That’s all for now.

10 Tech News Roundup #13

Here are 10 tech news that I found interesting.

Twitter fixes another important problem with support for 50-character usernamesTwitter has followed up its move to double the character limit of tweets to 280 by increasing the length of a username to 50 characters. Techcrunch

China’s Toutiao is buying in a deal worth $800M-$, the lip-syncing app popular with teens and young people, has been sold to Chinese social media giant Toutiao, according to an announcement made today. Techcrunch

Apple expands its ‘Everyone Can Code’ initiative to over 20 colleges outside the U.S. – Apple wants to teach people all around the world to code, so the company is making the move to colleges worldwide. Mashable

Nvidia’s huge run continues as its data center business surges – Nvidia continues to ride the wave of a myriad of huge success stories for the company, like the rapid adoption of the Nintendo Switch and demand for technology to power AI computation within data centers, as it saw yet another quarter where its business continued to expand significantly. Techcrunch

Vulnerability in hundreds of messaging apps leaves user data exposed – Mobile threat protection firm Appthority discovered an exploit in almost 700 iOS and Android apps that could expose the private messages and calls of users. The company said that up to 180 million Android devices could be affected, along with an unknown number of iOS devices. Techspot

Windows 10 Insider Build shows off AirDrop-style sharing feature, mutable tabs, more – Microsoft has made the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build (17035) available to Insiders in the Fast Ring, revealing a handful of new features and fixes, including what looks like the company’s own version of Apple’s AirDrop system. Techspot

Co-Design Center Develops Next-Gen Simulation Tools – The exascale architectures on the horizon for supercomputing pose intricate challenges to the developers of large-scale scientific applications. Running efficiently at exascale will not only require porting and optimizing code but also rethinking the design of core algorithms to take advantage of the greater parallelism and more efficient calculation capabilities that exascale systems will offer.HPCWire

Apple has acquired imaging sensor startup InVisage Technologies – As Apple continues to work on ever-smaller but more powerful computing devices, it has acquired a startup focusing on nanotechnology, and specifically as it relates to image sensors. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Apple has picked up InVisage Technologies, a startup that develops solutions to improve imaging capabilities on space-constrained devices, like smartphones. Techcrunch

MyInfo extended to private sector, allowing businesses to tap citizen data for digital services – SINGAPORE: From next year, consumers can expect a hassle-free experience when it comes to applying for a credit card across different banks, or even a new mobile phone SIM card. Channel Newsasia

IBM makes 20 qubit quantum computing machine available as a cloud service – IBM has been offering quantum computing as a cloud service since last year when it came out with a 5 qubit version of the advanced computers. Today, the company announced that it’s releasing 20-qubit quantum computers, quite a leap in just 18 months. A qubit is a single unit of quantum information. Techcrunch

Journal #218 – Losing interest, Trying to recover

Being a highly sensitive person means that whatever that is going on inside of me is amplified.

My sleep debt is causing my energy levels to plummet drastically and now reached a low point. It affects my mood and emotional states. I get more frustrated easily. I get more annoyed easily. But these days, I practice holding back the actions that I tend to take when feeling emotion, take a deep breath, and I will verbalize how I feel if necessary.

Either way, I am catching myself losing interest in my work and quality is falling. It’s getting pretty obvious in terms of the codes I write. They are start to look more shabby.

No one is going to fix that situation. It’s my own body. I have to fix it myself. So I have to find a way to recover from this situation, working within the 24 hours period that everyone has.

Other than that, I also decided that I shall spend less time in front of a screen and more time in front of books.

So after I had my lunch, I went to the Kinokuniya store near my workplace to get some books. After walking around the store, I decided to get two books. One of which has been planned for quite some time. I suppose you can guess which is it.

One is called Megatech: Technology in 2050.

The other was Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

There is something I like to note. I took the two pictures in the dark using my iPhone 7 Plus. I wanted to see how do I get ambient lighting from a piece of paper and the LED light from my iPhone. Somehow the images turned out to be pretty blurry. Maybe I didn’t focus right but I thought it’s a good try.

I know I still got one book that I hadn’t finish reading. It was the Jony Ive biography that I got previously. I didn’t get around to finish it because I only read it when I’m on the way home on the train. There are days when I’m just so tired and aching badly that I didn’t want to read. I simply didn’t have the mood or desire.

Anyway, last night I didn’t get to sleep early. I don’t think today I can either. Look at the time now. It’s already 11 pm and I have yet brush my teeth. It’s my fault for spending too much time watching tv shows instead of resting early. Maybe tomorrow I shall try going into office much later by sleeping in.

Ok, that’s all for now.

Journal #217 – Feeling down in general

You know what, I’m feeling very frustrated writing this journal. Over the last five minutes, I have added and deleted lines and paragraphs.

And you know why?

Well, part of me is feeling sick and tired of my job. It’s making me unhappy and I wanted at least my writing to go right. Yes, my job allow me to pay the bills and I never stop trying to keep that in focus. But it’s so draining that as soon as the clock strike six, I’m out of office. And I have mentioned it so many times about how it is preventing me from doing anything that I desire. But pragmatism requires me to stay on. If not, there’s just almost no way to survive in Singapore.

I know people alway say make time for the things most important. I want to write stories. That is important to me. I want to do proper reviews. But there are just days when it’s not lack of time but rather the lack of energy.

You see, I have been accumulating sleep debt. It’s affecting my ability to do any productive work. It’s affecting my mood and coffee can only take me so far. Lately, I have gone for grande-sized americano instead of venti because too much of it is bad for health. Due to my body’s tolerance, grande-sized coffee no longer has any effect.

There are things that I have not gotten around to do or fix. They are constantly nagging at me.

First, I have not complete my decluttering process. There are still a ton of stuff in my space that I didn’t manage to clear. I could use the weekend but I chose to spend them on hanging out with friends, and focus on just unwinding. So I can’t complain about that. In fact the past few weekends, I only managed to spend just a couple of hours at home, mostly for sleeping, watching an hour or two worth of tv shows, going out with friends and family. And I always found some joy with those activities.

Secondly, my health is currently in a bad shape. I have been suffering multiple days of colds, stuffy nose and general discomfort. I found the reason why I keep having stuffy nose. Part of it was contributed by the inhalation of second-hand smoke that is everywhere near my company. Due to my high-sensitivities, I can smell them from as far as five hundred meters away.

The discomfort was caused by poor ergonomics of my company furnitures. They are much worse than my home. Now my neck is suffering from a constant pain on the right side because of the height of my chair. My body is not at an ideal height to use the mouse. It also caused pain on my forearms, shoulders. I could ask for better furniture but seeing how everyone is using the same set of furniture, I don’t know if I will get anywhere. But I know for sure I can’t be sacrificing my physical health for work.

I also haven’t been going for runs. I wanted to do it at least twice a week but I just didn’t. I’m too exhausted mentally and physically to even want to leave the house after I got home.

Thirdly, I’m so drained that I am violating my own values of delivering quality. I haven’t been doing a good job with my freelance client. The codes that I wrote kept having bugs. Overall, I just feel extremely miserable about that fact.

Hmmm… I think maybe I am trying to do too many things at once? Maybe I should make my life even more radically un-busy?

Time to re-evaluate. For now, I better try and sleep earlier… I hope.

10 Science News Roundup #12

Here are 10 science news that I find interesting and important to take note.

Pancreatic cancer survival linked to four genes – Alterations in four main genes are responsible for how long patients survive with pancreatic cancer, according to a new study in JAMA Oncology. Science Daily

Humans are driving climate change, federal scientists say – It is “extremely likely” that humans are driving warming on Earth since the 1950s. That statement — which indicates a 95 to 100 percent confidence in the finding — came in a report released November 3 by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. This interagency effort was established in 1989 by presidential initiative to help inform national science policy. Science News

Alzheimer’s protein can travel from blood to build up in the brain – An Alzheimer’s-related protein can move from the blood to the brain and accumulate there, experiments on mice show for the first time. Science News

Sleep Deprivation Has The Same Effect as Drinking Too Much, Says Study – A lack of sleep not only causes us to drop off at our desks in the afternoon and feel cranky, it also weakens crucial communications between the neurons in the brain, according to a new study. Science Alert

Scientists Just Confirmed 18 More Possible Habitable Planets – Remember the other day, when we told you that scientists had found some potentially habitable planets hiding in Kepler data? Well, scientists have found 18 more – and they’re just as important. IFLScience

We Think We Know Where That Interstellar Object Came From – We may have spied our first ever interstellar object in the Solar System last month. Now, scientists think they might know where it came from. IFLScience

Mystery void is discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza – High-energy particles from outer space have helped uncover an enigmatic void deep inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Science News

The way hungry young stars suck in food keeps most X-rays in, too – A plasma cocoon lets growing stars keep their X-rays to themselves. Laboratory experiments that mimic maturing stars show that streams of plasma splash off a star’s surface, forming a varnish that keeps certain kinds of radiation inside. Science News

Artificial insulin-releasing cells may make it easier to manage diabetes – Artificial cells made from scratch in the lab could one day offer a more effective, patient-friendly diabetes treatment. Science News

Stimulating formation of new neural connections in the adult brain – A team led by University of Idaho scientists has found a way to stimulate formation of new neural connections in the adult brain in a study that could eventually help humans fend off memory loss, brain trauma and other ailments in the central nervous system. Science Daily

Journal #216 – Work day primarily about debugging and code design, Got the Apple book

Instead of going to the customer’s office, I went back to my company office and spent most of the work day debugging. There were a whole bunch of functional bugs that were preventing proper use of the functions provided by the application.

While I was debugging, I came to find more issues with the codes written by one of my colleagues. It was written rather shabbily without care for the most obvious exceptions or error. The codes were everywhere and lots of duplication. The SOLID principles are practically not adhered to in any form or shape.

I care about the code design, whether the code stack implementing the use case is even remotely readable by another human in the fastest manner, proper exception handling or logging, and whether a function is at least 70% usable (arbitrary, subjective). So far, what I have seen is a whole bunch of mutated object-oriented codes.

I’m particularly upset because such mistakes are not committed by a junior member or a fresh graduate. It is committed by someone several times more senior than me.

But I suppose at the end of the day, even if I push hard for a proper code base, it’s pointless if the product cannot be delivered on time. And I know very well that most management people in Singapore don’t give a damn about code design. They only care about the end product, whether the product is shipped to the customer, and they get paid. Code design don’t make them money. I may be wrong but the impression I get is they rather let new hires jump straight into a bunch of spaghetti code and spend months studying it just to implement a new feature than focusing on having a nice, clean code base from the get go and let the new hire work from that, spending as little time as possible.

Anyway, other than getting upset over the code design and debugging my codes, I went about implementing some additional features that were missing from the deployed version of the application yesterday. There are more functions that are missing from the application and needed to be implemented. I’m thinking about the implication it might have on the UAT later this month, or early next month. I hope is the latter because I am not confident with the current state of the system.

On a lighter note, the Designed by Apple in California book arrived at the Apple Store and I went to collect it after work.

The whole packaging was rather heavy and carrying it with me as my friend and I went for dinner, followed by dessert, and then carrying it home is just tedious. But worth it.

Before I get to the book unboxing, I shall just show you what I have for dinner.

It’s a mushroom pasta with truffles.

For dessert, we had the Matcha Parfait.

Honestly, now as I’m writing this journal, preparing the images, I’m very hungry…

So let me get to the main highlight.

The book by Apple. The box itself is just that. Plain. White. The ultimate minimalist packaging.

After stripping away the seal and opening up the covers, reveal yet another white box.

Taking the white box out and flipping it around reveal this locking mechanism.

Unlocking it and there you go, the actual book itself.

I’m not gonna show the stuff inside as I’m not sure if I’m allowed. You know, copyright and all that. But I did do a quick browse but decided not to spend too much time on it now. Preparing the journal is more important for me.

There is nothing much for me to write now. I’m rather tired too. I shall end the journal here. Until the next one.